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January 26, 2006
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Well DURRRR stock tutorial by lockstock Well DURRRR stock tutorial by lockstock
Most of you will say "WELL DURRRR!" but this might maybe possibly help some of the new stock models? Maybe? God knows my pics aren't perfect, but this is a pretty decent outline of the basics.

Feel free to disagree... IN SILENCE!!! :evillaugh:
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lazy-stock Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2006   Photographer
:clap: Very well done!
Dandelion-lion Featured By Owner May 30, 2006
Hi...Silly question, but i thought you might know what colour background is best for someone with quite pale skin with a pinky tone to it? I want to start taking stock shots for my stock account, but i dont know what colour bg would be best. Im thinking white, but it may make me look too pale. Do you have any suggestions? I know i should experiment with different colours, but a basis to start from would be great. :)
lockstock Featured By Owner May 30, 2006
Actually, a very basic medium gray works well. My background is supposed to be gray, but it actually has a slight pinky-purple cast to it, which is not so good, so be sure to pick a REAL gray (take the fabric to a window rather than trusting flourescent lighting.) Another option might be to try a sort of paper-bag brown color. Nothing too dark or too yellow. Just a dull lightish brown. I've never used it myself but I would suspect it would play nice with your pale skin. Give it a try!
Dandelion-lion Featured By Owner May 31, 2006
Thankyou so much for the speedy adn extremely helpful reply. I will be sure to try your suggestions out asap and ill let you know how it goes :)
My stock gallery isnt very accomplished yet, no figure shots, just backgrounds and stuff, so i wanted to try posing out. You and lucias tears definately inspired me :)
pdtnc-stock Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2006
and there's me thinking you just had to have a webcam and no clothes! :D
Bldg88 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2006   Photographer
this was very informative as I am thinking about opening my own commercial studio soon:D thankyou:cuddle:
DelightfulStock Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great tutorial - this is good, simple advice that anyone can understand and utilize :nod: I wish there was somewhere on the submission page that could pop up tutorials like this when people try to submit stock - or even just on the DA stock photos gallery page...a special place for stock tutorials that are easily accessible for people who want to create stock :)
Senecal Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Excellent advice from a pro!

This should be passed around to anyone interested.
Some cameras also allow you to "meter" for a custom white balance (which is what you are describing with the changes with backgrounds).
That is also an excellent point to bring up as it can add more mileage to a session.

Fantastic to see this!
FateoftheGodz Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2006
Do you have a tripod then? Or do you use a dresser type thing? :D I don't have a lot of money to be buying a bunch of sheets and tripods and stools, things of that nature. That's why I'm discouraged to do full body shots.

Now you should make a tutorial on the things in your closet?
lockstock Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2006
I have a tripod I picked up at Wal-Mart. I don't remember how much it was, honestly, but I got the cheapest one. A desk will work too, since the camera really only needs to come up to your waist. (also you can stack books under the camera to adjust the height.)

If you don't have a plain colored bedsheet, a blanket will work too. Or just a bare wall. Or stand in front of a plain door. Really, you just want to be sure you can be clearly separated from your background.

When it boils down to it, this should be something that you enjoy. Don't spend more than it's worth to you.
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