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December 3, 2006


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Everyone's an a$$h01e

Sun Dec 3, 2006, 5:15 PM
  • Mood: Sarcastic
No, it's true!  No matter how great you think you are or how good you try to be, you are an asshole in someone else's opinion.

If you eat meat, vegetarians think you are an asshole.
If you smoke, non-smokers think you are an asshole.
If you support use of animals in medical research, PETA thinks you are an asshole.
If you are an atheist, everyone thinks you are an asshole.
If you are rich, poor people think you're an asshole.
If you drive an SUV, Al Gore thinks you are an asshole.
If you are gay, Fundies think you are a pervert and an asshole.
If you are Republican, Democrats think you are an asshole.
If you are Democrat, Republicans think you are an asshole.
If you vote 3rd party, the above two parties think you are a fool and an asshole.
If you don't have kids, parents of kids think you are a selfish asshole.
Ir you are an immigrant, the natives think you are a lazy asshole.
If you are a white male, it's perfectly acceptable to consider you an asshole.
If you are American, the rest of the world thinks you are an asshole.

I'm sure you all can think of other categories, and yes I know I am making very broad generalizations and no, you don't have to say "I don't hate smokers" or defend yourselves in any way to this pointless journal.  Really this is just my thinking out loud.  Am I an asshole?  You bet!  Sometimes intentionally, sometimes as a matter of circumstance, but I fall into several of the above-mentioned categories and it's good to remember that you can't be wonderful to everyone, nor should you strive to be.  Life is short, so relax.  Live your life, don't hurt anyone, and let others live theirs.

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ah but you are a cute asshole;)
A good point and very true in this world of the politically correct ! You can't move. We don't need George Orwell to explain "Big Brother" , we live it in this day and age ! I am glad I am not the only one who thinks it stinks :) :floating:
your mind makes me laugh. :hug: thank you I needed it:D
Ha ha ha... so true!

Once there was a man riding on a donkey on a hot summer's day. As he rode through town, he heard all of the people saying "look at that cruel man making that donkey carry him in this heat!" So the man got off the donkey, and walked to the next town. There he heard the people saying "look at that cruel man, making that donkey travel in this heat!" So the man lifted the donkey onto his shoulders, and carried him to the next town. There all of the townspeople laughed "look at that idiot carrying his donkey in this heat!"
nanaleonti Dec 6, 2006   Digital Artist
[If you smoke, non-smokers think you are an asshole.]

Quite true. I don't hate smokers in general but I hate smokers who smoke in my face and don't respect my right on fresh air ;) xD
aseariel Dec 6, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
nah, i agree. eveyone's an asshole, at some time or point in life. people suck sometimes :B
TheDreaming1 Dec 5, 2006
In life, you will encounter idiots, morons and assholes. When driving, you often run into all three.
If you tell the truth, and state how you feel about peopl/things, people think your an Ass hole. (thus, im an ass hole.)
bewarecalamity Dec 5, 2006  Student General Artist
If you're a vegetarian meat eaters think you're an asshole.
I've always liked this line from Die Hard 2:
John McClane: I guess I was wrong about you. You're not such an asshole after all.
Grant: Oh, you were right about me. I'm just your kind of asshole.

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