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March 19, 2006



You are Beautiful

Sun Mar 19, 2006, 4:34 PM
I hereby grant all DeviantArtists permission to use my stock in any and all Deviant Prints without restriction.
You don't need me to email prints-permissions anymore! For prints outside of DA, please ask first. And read my FAQs for other important info.

Size Acceptance Stamp by Bountiful

You don't have to find everyone in the world attractive.  You are free to pick and choose what physical features and body types you like and don't like.  But for FUCK'S SAKE, don't go spewing your hate at people just because you don't like the way they look.  If you want to snicker with your friends about somebody's big butt or buck teeth, at least do it far away from where the person can hear you.  Because you may be beautiful to your mama, but I bet there are plenty of things others could mock about you.

This rant provoked by the journal of :iconmissshyly:
YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!!!  :heart:  And I wish DA would allow for hateful, damaging posts to be removed.  There is NO reason at all for it to stay.  

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SkyeHaerrington Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2006
Wow. It is really good to read that. Especially from someone who isn't fat. So many skinny people go "Oh, just lose weight, its not that hard!" And its total bull.

Thank you.
lockstock Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2006
BerenicePotter Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2006  Professional General Artist
So true :)
RileyRican Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2006
I was dropping you a note and saw your journal. I agree. Ya know it is sad when you see hate spewed all over someones photos. And the worst part is many of these people are grown adults that find this type of behavior acceptable. God made us in all different shapes and sizes and we all have beauty in our own way. Some people are just sad.
benecane Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2006
Isn't that whole point of more than one kind of art?!?!? Otherwise it would be like a communist art world,,,like Rush's 2112 (lol) . Art,,,and all things visual are subjective. You can't even expect 2 people to agree on that fact that blue is blue, since each person's ability to see clearly is a factor! Oh well, like George Clinton, I like me sums wimmins of all sizes n shapes! (just ask the Mrs!) :shrug:
only-zuul Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2006
Thank you for your support of our friend. :hug:
Kittyd-Stock Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2006  Student Photographer
I agree with you sweetie. I tried posting stock photo of myself but got sutch stupid comments I took them down. So now I stick to my friends who are thin... :(
RetroZombie Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2006
This is one of the things I admire about you, Sophie - you're a champion for the individuals of this community, and you really care about all of us. :hug:
I couldn't agree with you more on this issue - there are 6.6 billion people in this world, and each of these people is different from all the others. It amazes me that there are some people who think that all people should look a certain way for them to be acceptable. Diversity is what makes the world interesting! Some people latch on to such superficial things to judge people - and body weight it probably the most superficial of them all... In my experience, body weight has no correlation to the worth of a person, or the beauty in their heart.
I'll be displaying the stamp in my journal starting today.
lockstock Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2006
Amen, brother! And thank you for the support for size acceptance!
"sticks and stones may break my bones
but words can make a girl starve herself to death"
having been through naorexia once, i know how she feels X[
some people are just... ukh. people like that should die.
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